Don’t worry, you are not alone with this problem – there are thousands of men who feel the same way!

It is not because you are not good enough for women or because you do not have a good character …

There are just a few basic things you need to consider to be successful in online dating. And when you know what to do, it can be ridiculously easy. You will be amazed!

– I’ll show you 1 to 1 how I write to women on Tinder or Lovoo, for example, so that the women answer me

– A magical wonder pill that conjures up 100 new messages from beautiful women in your mailbox every day.

You have to be willing to work hard and disciplined on your appearance on the net and observe a few important rules when opening a conversation so that the women of your dreams write back to you.

But when you have successfully mastered the path, you will be grateful to yourself. If you know how many wonderful hours with charming women you have missed so far, the effort you had to bring will seem negligible.

Start your new life today in which you are surrounded by one or many women! What are you waiting for? See you soon! 😉

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the author of the book asked me to write a review. I do that now. I’m sorry to have to give such bad reviews, mostly I give good ones. But this book is really absolute crap! You don’t learn anything in this book. It’s full of truisms and untenable promises. need some examples? Come immediately! With this great formula you increase your likelihood of getting answers to inquiries to women: fill out your profile completely, upload decent photos that show you are well-groomed and that were taken in a decent light. no really? This is huge news! Good thing I bought this book. Another truism: if you want to put a woman to bed, you have to win her trust. How do you gain their trust? You should listen to yourself! How to listen You stay attentive and let them talk and ask questions from time to time. Wow! So I have to say, the book is full of innovations! It’s just funny that the author didn’t patent the listening. yes, but it should be on the verge of it anyway, he keeps talking about his method and his formula. Unsustainable Promises: Buying This Book Is One of the Best Decisions in Your Life If You Follow My Formula Answering 70% of Women in Online Dating. And so on. It should be forbidden to make such promises. They do not bring the reader anything at all, are unfortunately completely unrealistic and not legally binding at all. It’s just a good thing the book was so cheap. Because it’s not worth it to me either. E-stove significantly less. I don’t advise anyone to buy it.

I’ve never heard anything like that, please dear men, don’t believe everything that is said.

This not only tells about how you should tick, but also how women tick and why that is. Understandably and easily told. I like it very much.

The book is very good, I don’t know if it fits in real life but it’s fun to read this book has been criticized unnecessarily, thanks to all of you and have fun

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